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October 2015

October 22, 2015

Kettlebell Snatches Build Aerobic Capacity

Kettlebells are nothing new, they have been used by the Russians since the 19th century and only recently has the western world realised their devastating ability to build lean, powerful, lighting-fast physiques! The Kettlebell Snatch is one of the fundamental exercises in kettlebell training and we use it at KettleFit in almost every program. It is based on the one arm kettlebell swing and looks simple, but requires coordinated, linked contractions of the lower body, back, shoulder and arm muscles to master. From personal experience using our Myzone live heart rate system I can tell you that it increases your heart rate faster than any other kettlebell exercise! A recent study from San Jose State University on seventeen female division 1 collegiate soccer players found that a high intensity kettlebell snatch workout (15 seconds of snatches followed by 15 seconds of rest for 20 minutes) improved aerobic capacity by 6.4%…
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