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January 10, 2016

How to train like an AFL player

How to train like an AFL player By Stuart Marsh Dec 18th, 2015 (image) iStock It's not just the short shorts that make women love AFL footballers – it's the sculpted physiques, incredible athleticism and sheer explosiveness that sets hearts aflutter. But training like an AFL player is not easy. Behind each player is a crack team of coaches, doctors, physiotherapists and facilities all working together to give them the best possible performance – and the best possible bodies. But that doesn't mean you can't replicate some of their training at home, says Jarrod Egan, one of the co-founders of KettleFit and a former strength and conditioning coach of Geelong, North Melbourne and Port Adelaide Football clubs. "A lot of your traditional gym programs are quite slow, with long rest periods and minimal cardio work," Egan told ninemsn Coach. "To replicate what the players do out on the field, you…
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January 8, 2016

How to train like a professional cricket player

How to train like a professional cricket player By Stuart Marsh (image) iStock It's known as "the gentleman's game", and for a long time cricketers have trained like gentlemen too, hitting the nets once a week and knocking back a carton after a game. But with the advent of shorter forms like 20/20, increased pay packets and pressure to perform, that's all changing. Modern cricketers have to be explosively quick between the wickets and have enough strength to bowl balls as mind-bogglingly fast as 160km/h. Jarrod Egan, former strength and conditioning coach of the West End Redbacks and co-founder of KettleFit, gives ninemsn Coach a behind the scenes look at how a modern cricketer must prepare for game day. Your training should reflect your role in the team Cricket is by and large a technique-driven sport. Whether you're a batter or a bowler, the core of any cricket training program…
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