Q: Do I need to be fit already to start KettleFit?

A: Not at all.

No matter what your current fitness level is we will individualise the programs to suit you. We will adjust exercises, weights, reps and rest accordingly to make sure you get the right program and are progressed at your pace.

Q: Do I still need to go to my normal Gym to get all of my fitness needs met?

A: No, The KettleFit Training System provides a complete strength and conditioning service.

This means all of your strength requirements for lower body, core and upper body muscles are met by completing 3 sessions of KettleFit per week. There is no further need to go to a normal gym and do any other strength work at all.

All of your conditioning (aerobic endurance) needs are also met by completing the same 3 KettleFit sessions each week. Therefore, you don’t have to use a treadmill or go boxing or run around an oval ever again. It’s also provided in a low impact method unlike running which can hurt your knees, ankles and hips from the constant landing impact the each foot strike makes.

Q: Explain why I will get better results here than doing my normal program at the gym

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A: We provide constant Variety and Scientific programming.

We continually change our sessions so that you will never repeat the same session and you will get the benefit of constant variety in your program. Variety is a key principle is program design to ensure continued results and avoid plateaus in your fitness gains. Have you ever been doing the same training program for months on end and wondered why your results have plateaued. This is the reason, no Variety. At KettleFit we change the exercises, repetition ranges, sets and rest periods every day. You will we amazed as how many exercises and routines we have to keep you interested and excited about your training. We give you this with our elite level planning and combine it with the scientific principles of periodization to further ensure constant gains in your fitness.

Q: Do you only use Kettlebells?

A: We use a large variety of functional training equipment at KettleFIt such as Barbells, Medicine balls, rowers, ropes, Bulgarian bags, resistance bands and Matrix Racks.

You will use kettlebells in every session however, we combine this with the equipment mentioned above so that you are provided with a complete fitness program working on all muscle groups and energy systems. It’s like nothing you have ever experienced at your gym or any other fitness centre. KettleFit is totally unique and will also provide loads of fun while getting you very fit. On Mondays and Thursdays we bring out barbells and benches and combine traditional exercises like Squats, Deadlift and Bench Press to give you the opportunity to increase your max strength and power. This compliments our other sessions and gives you a complete athletic program.

Q: I have never used Kettlebells before and don’t know if I will be able to do it well?

A: You will be individually coached in every session and we will make sure you always know what to do with complete safety

We provide a personal training service in a small group. This means we will make sure that you are always given the correct weights to use and personally coached through every exercise. Kettlebells start from as light as 4kg so we can make sure you lift the appropriate weight to get you started and learn the techniques before progressing. Our coaches are very experienced and will endeavour to meet all your needs.

Q: Why are Kettlebells so beneficial for me and how will they improve my fitness?

A: Kettlebells are the ultimate fitness tool because they can be used for more exercises than any other equipment.

Kettlebells also vary in weight from 4kg to 80kg and vary in size from Classic (small and compact and varying in weight) to pro grade which are all the same size but vary in weight. This allows us to individualise the kettlebells for each exercise to suit your needs. Kettlebells can be used to create power if moved extremely fast and also to create maximum strength and stability if moved slowly. Unlike dumbbell’s, they are used in all 3 planes of movement (Sagittal, Frontal and Transverse) and therefore they are perfectly suited to sport specific training where you need to rotate, move through arcs and go back and forward.

There is no end to the plethora of benefits that kettlebells provide. Research has also proven that Kettlebells can help to improve your maximum aerobic capacity (endurance capacity). Try doing this with dumbells!

Q: How is KettleFit different from a group class like Les Mills Pump or F45 ?

A: KetttleFit sessions are never the same. You will never get bored and always improve your strength and conditioning.

KettleFit provides the opportunity to challenge yourself by giving you clear goals you can achieve. When you start, the heaviest weight you can Snatch might be 12kg. So you can set a goal to reach the 24kg Kettlebell and work your way up to it. You can use our live heart rate system to compete against other clients and see who can work at the highest average heart rate for the session or month. It’s amazing how addictive it becomes and how quickly you want to master all the exercises such as clean and press, snatch and eventually KettleFit Makers!

Q: Will too much High Intensity Training undo my muscle and strength development? I don’t want to lose muscle size and strength?

A: Not the way we do it at KettleFit. We use expert planning skills to ensure that this does not happen.

That is why we have 2 strength sessions per week and periodise our programs to enable these benefits. If you want to gain strength and muscle the Strength sessions allow you to lift very heavy weights for as low as 1-2 reps. We have clients deadlifting 185KG and squatting over 120Kg while bench pressing 100kg! At KettleFit you get stronger very quickly and be surprised at the way we get you there.

Q: As a female, I don’t want to get big and bulky so can I do KettleFit and avoid this problem?

A: Yes, we have numerous women who have gained strength and fitness and not put onunwanted muscle bulk.

Because of the way we individualise our programming to your needs, we can ensure that you are always training to get the benefits you desire. You will look very lean, athletic and sexy after a few months of KettleFit. One of members, Nicola, is getting married later this year and started at KettleFit with those exact fears. She brought a dress 1 size too small and already fits into it and she still has 4 months to go until she gets married! Very happy girl.

Q: I’ve got a weak back and my Physio told me to avoid kettlebells as they will not help my back?

A: Kettlebells when used properly are one of the best tools for improving back problems.

The Kettlebell swing exercise has been proven to significantly improve back soreness by reversing the common “lower cross syndrome”. It teaches you to engage your gluteal muscles (Bum) when extending your hips and forces them to get strong so that they work the way they are meant to. This takes the load off muscles such as the hip flexors and lower back extensors and fixes postural issues and lower back injuries. Kettlebells however, must be taught by an experienced and skilled coach as when coached incorrectly they can hurt you, just like a barbell can.