KettleFit Performance, Circuit, Kettlebell Strength or Beginner classes. Which class should you choose?

We often get asked these questions by new clients wanting to understand the differences between the classes we offer at KettleFit. It’s not a simple question to answer because as Members know, our classes are constantly changing from one session to the next so I thought I’d better explain it in detail! This is a key reason why KettleFit is so unique and delivers outstanding results.

Performance, Circuit, Kettlebell Strength and Strength are a broad description of the class TYPE that we use to cover a variety of training qualities that we focus on each one. Within each class TYPE (category or format of class) we have created hundreds of different Workouts that can be used. For example, todays Performance Class was actually called ‘The KettleFit Octagon’ and last Saturdays Performance class was “KettleFit Centurion”

So I’ve created this little table to help explain it all even further:

Class Type Exercises
Performance All traditional kettlebell exercises (swings, cleans, snatch, press, renegade rows, windmills, get-ups etc), + lunges, squats, chinups, burpees, pushups, core exercises, running, rowing, skierg, etc.
Circuit Traditional Kettlebell exercises similar to Performance classes + battle ropes, bosu & swiss ball exercises, tyre flips, sledgehammers, ab rollers, dips  and more
Strength Performance Squats, Barbell bench press, deadlift, bulgarian split squats, + traditional kettlebell exercises listed in Performance. High intensity strength training workouts
Kettlebell Strength Kettlebell squats, kettlebell press, bosu chest press, kettlebell deadlift, bulgarian split squats, + traditional kettlebell exercises listed in Performance
Beginner Beginner classes are based on the Class Type of the day so the exercises depend on that.
Class Type Intensity Rest How it works
Performance Very High+  (8 + out of 10) Minimal We set different challenges/workouts to complete in given time frames. EG. 3 rounds of X in 45mins
Circuit High – Very  (7-9 /10) 20-30 secs every minute 10+ exercises, 45sec – 3min work, 30 secs rest between exercises, complete 1 set on each exercise and move to the next. 2-4 rounds of circuit
Strength Performance Medium-High (7-9  /10) Varied 5-10 exercises, 30-50secs work per set, 25-40 secs rest between sets. More Intense than our Kettlebell strength workouts but you will do 1 set then change exercise. Weights are heavier than performance sessions.
Kettlebell Strength Medium – High (6-8  /10) 35-50 secs every 35-50 secs 5-10 exercises, 30-50secs work per set, 35-50 secs rest between sets, Repeat exercise for 3-4 sets before moving to next exercise
Beginner Medium  (5-7 out of 10) 30-60 secs every minute Depends on Class type of the day and will be as outlined above

Now the last question you might ask is How will each class benefit me?

Performance classes are designed to seriously challenge you both mentally and physically! The cardio benefits are huge because the average heart rate is very high (80-90% of Maximum) and maintained for 44-50mins. Longer and more intense than most running sessions. You will still work every muscle group in the body and get a lot of core strength and full body functional strength and you can burn between 600 and 950 calories (huge numbers!) They are also heaps of fun and great for people who do triathlons, running, swimming and any sport needing extra strength and cardio but less time on legs!

Circuit classes involve a large variety of exercises completed in a circuit format where you change exercise after every set. You move around the studio from one to the next and get a good mix of strength, cardio and core. It is designed to give you great mental and physical endurance benefits but also lots of functional strength and coordination gains. It will improve your ability to handle lactic acid build up in your muscles and increase your ability to recover between efforts. This makes these classes very beneficial for people who wants to improve at sport and physically challenging activities such as spartan races, rock climbing, triathlons, football, basketball and even ironman events.

Strength Performance/Kettlebell Strength classes have a unique blend of kettlebell exercises, squats, deadlift, bench press, chin ups, and many other traditional strength training exercises. Sessions are biased toward increasing strength but still provide an element of cardio due to the limited rest provided, especially the strength performance sessions. This makes them very specific for people who have a goal of increasing their strength and conditioning simultaneously. We provide a complete balance of upper body versus lower body exercises, core stability and coordination, all movement planes and minimise left side versus right side strength imbalances. The end result is increased strength in all areas, less injuries, increased performance in sports, more energy, power and overall sustainability.