June 18, 2016

KettleFit is unique and delivers!

KettleFit Performance, Circuit, Kettlebell Strength or Beginner classes. Which class should you choose? We often get asked these questions by new clients wanting to understand the differences between the classes we offer at KettleFit. It's not a simple question to answer because as Members know, our classes are constantly changing from one session to the next so I thought I'd better explain it in detail! This is a key reason why KettleFit is so unique and delivers outstanding results. Performance, Circuit, Kettlebell Strength and Strength are a broad description of the class TYPE that we use to cover a variety of training qualities that we focus on each one. Within each class TYPE (category or format of class) we have created hundreds of different Workouts that can be used. For example, todays Performance Class was actually called 'The KettleFit Octagon' and last Saturdays Performance class was "KettleFit Centurion" So I've created this…
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October 22, 2015

Kettlebell Snatches Build Aerobic Capacity

Kettlebells are nothing new, they have been used by the Russians since the 19th century and only recently has the western world realised their devastating ability to build lean, powerful, lighting-fast physiques! The Kettlebell Snatch is one of the fundamental exercises in kettlebell training and we use it at KettleFit in almost every program. It is based on the one arm kettlebell swing and looks simple, but requires coordinated, linked contractions of the lower body, back, shoulder and arm muscles to master. From personal experience using our Myzone live heart rate system I can tell you that it increases your heart rate faster than any other kettlebell exercise! A recent study from San Jose State University on seventeen female division 1 collegiate soccer players found that a high intensity kettlebell snatch workout (15 seconds of snatches followed by 15 seconds of rest for 20 minutes) improved aerobic capacity by 6.4%…
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KettleBell SuperFit Makers
March 11, 2015

The Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Train With Kettlebells Kettlebell training magnifies your power output Since classic kettlebell lifts such as the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk cannot be performed slowly, they develop a special quality known as power-endurance. This differs from strength-endurance. Strength-endurance is your ability to produce force over an extended period of time. Power-endurance is your ability to sustain fast muscular contractions over an extended period of time. Power-endurance is a quality that can determine who the winner is in sport. It also makes for a serious gruelling training session that will push both your body and mind to new levels. Kettlebell training dramatically increases fat loss and muscular endurance Kettlebell training involves total body functional strength training exercises performed multiple times. The repetition ranges are typically higher than conventional weight training and this combination of using both upper and lower body muscles over an extended period of time places large demands on the…
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functional weight training
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February 2, 2015

The Five Pillars of Kettlebell Training

Many trainees often forget that kettlebells are weights and the rules of effective weight training apply to Kettlebell training. (via Mike Mahler) Many trainees often forget that kettlebells are weights and the rules of effective weight training apply to Kettlebell training. Similar to traditional weight training, effective kettlebell training requires a balanced approach and an emphasis on the basic compound drill that provide the most bang for the buck. For most trainees, following a regimen with a strong emphasis on a few basic exercises is the way to go. However, putting all of your efforts into one or two exercises long-term is not the way to go. There are five areas that are worth focusing on for balanced development. Lets get going. The Five Pillars: Press Pull Squat Lower body pull Core Whatever form of weight training you engage in, you want the five above areas covered. Now lets cover each…
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Tired Of Feeling Bloated And Uncomfortable?
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May 30, 2014

Tired of feeling bloated and uncomfortable?

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