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frequently asked questions

Will I be okay if I'm a beginner or not already in shape?

Yes, our expert coaches will always ensure that you are given a suitable workout to begin with and that the program is tailored to your fitness level.

We also have beginner classes for everyone starting the 6 week challenge. We want to ensure you get the best introduction to KettleFit and learn the fundamental exercises well. We also gradually increase the intensity and volume of the classes to help you adapt physically.

How often should I go?

We would recommend 3-4 classes per week as an optimal number, with 3 classes per week at a minimum, if you’re committed to seeing a real change in your body and your energy levels.

Some KettleFit clients take more than 3 classes a week, but we always recommend incorporating some rest, especially if you’re just starting out. Listen to your body — if your muscles are very sore, give them time to repair.

How long will it take to see results?

KettleFit clients see results fast. If you are going 3-4 times a week, you should start to see and feel a change in your body in 2 weeks. Your loved ones will probably see a difference in 4 weeks, and friends will probably notice in 6-8 weeks.

But you will notice a change almost immediately. You will feel better about yourself both mentally and physically.

Can I really burn 1000 calories?

Independent observers have verified that a KettleFit workout can burn 1,000 calories in less than an hour. Your mileage may vary, but we’ve seen clients burn from 600 to 1,100 calories, depending on their, sex, body weight and effort level. Everyone is different and results may vary, but at KettleFit it’s not just about what you burn in class, but also how our afterburn methodology promotes calorie burn after class.

Will weight training really help me lose weight and get fit?

Yes. All day long.

At KettleFit we combine strength training and cardio simultaneously using kettlebells . The ballistic high speed kettlebell exercises are completed over extended periods which keeps the heart-rate elevated continuously. We frequently change exercises which allows muscles to recover and repeat high intensity bursts throughout the workout.

This means you’ll burn more calories and increase your lean body mass, which in turn will raise your resting metabolism by up to 15 percent; so, you’re burning calories even after you leave. Translation: you will lose fat and keep it off. It’s what we call the “after burn.”

When you build a foundation of firm muscle, the metabolic boost melts away the fat on top.

Is KettleFit fun?

We think “fun” is an understatement.

KettleFit classes are run by instructors who make every session as upbeat, energetic, and enjoyable as is humanly possible — while still making sure you work hard.

All of our Instructors are trained to be not only the best in fitness, but to also bring that unique personality and energy that is signature KettleFit.— All of our instructors share one thing in common, though — they’re totally equipped to make your class a blast!

Why will i get better results here than doing my normal gym program?

We provide constant Variety and Scientific programming.

We continually change our sessions so that you will never repeat the same session and you will get the benefit of constant variety in your program. Variety is a key principle in our program design to ensure continued results and avoid plateaus in your fitness gains. Have you ever been doing the same training program for months on end and wondered why your results have plateaued. This is the reason, no Variety.

At KettleFit we change the exercises, repetition ranges, sets and rest periods every day. You will we amazed as how many exercises and routines we have to keep you interested and excited about your training. We give you this with our elite level planning and combine it with the scientific principles of periodization to further ensure constant gains in your fitness.

Do you only use Kettlebells?

You will use kettlebells in every session however, we combine this with Barbells, Medicine balls, rowers, ropes, Bulgarian bags, resistance bands, skiergs, chin up bars etc so that you are provided with a complete fitness program working on all muscle groups and energy systems. It’s like nothing you have ever experienced at your gym or any other fitness centre.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays we bring out barbells and benches and combine traditional exercises like Squats, Deadlift and Bench Press to give you the opportunity to increase your max strength and power. This compliments our other sessions and gives you a complete athletic program.Tuesday and Thursday classes are also low intensity so they make great beginner classes with slower movements and repetition.

I am a first timer, will i do well?

We provide a personal training service in a small group. This means we will make sure that you are always given the correct weights to use and personally coached through every exercise. We also tailor our programs to suit the needs of all new clients.

Kettlebells start from as light as 2kg so we can make sure you lift the appropriate weight to get you started and learn the techniques before progressing. Our coaches are very experienced and will endeavour to meet all your needs.

Why will Kettlebells improve my fitness?

Kettlebells are the only fitness tools that enable you to simultaneously improve your strength and cardio! Kettlebell exercises are performed at very high speeds for long periods. Your muscles and your heart rate will be pumping very quickly and this will last for the whole workout.

They are used in all 3 planes of movement so they are the ultimate functional training tools! and therefore they are perfectly suited to sport specific training where you need to rotate, move through arcs and go back and forward.

As a female, I don’t want to bulky so can I do KettleFit and avoid this problem?

Yes, we have numerous women who have gained strength and fitness and not put on unwanted muscle bulk.

Because of the way we individualise our program to your needs, we can ensure that you are always training to get the body you desire.

I’ve got a weak back, should I avoid Kettlebell training?

Kettlebells when used properly are one of the best tools for improving back problems.

The Kettlebell swing exercise has been proven to significantly improve back soreness by reversing the common “lower cross syndrome”. It teaches you to engage your gluteal muscles when extending your hips and forces them to get stronger so that they work the way they are meant to. This takes the load off muscles such as the hip flexors and lower back extensors and fixes postural issues and lower back injuries. Kettlebells however, must be taught by an experienced and skilled coach as when coached incorrectly they can hurt you, just like a barbell can.

Do you offer a special rate for first timers?

Your First training session is FREE. We also sometimes have mailing list only offers.

How do I pay online?

We use MindBody which is a very secure method for online gym payments.

How can I see how many classes I have left on my package?

Sign into your KettleFit MindBody account — you’ll see all of your account info there.

What options do I have for buying classes?

You have two options — buy packs of classes or sign up for a membership, depending on the kind of relationship you’re ready to have with us. As you’d expect, the more you commit, the more you save.

Packages are best if you want to keep it casual… maybe you’re still experimenting, or your life’s just a bit complicated. Use your classes whenever it suits you. If you want to reach your goals faster, it’s best to commit. Decide how many times you’ll come per week and sign up for a membership that matches up with your goals.

I'm having problems with my MindBody account.

First of all, try the basics:

– If you’ve forgotten your password, follow the link on the login page to set up a new one.
– Make sure your credit card is still valid.
– Update your web browser if you need to.
– If you’re really stuck, call your local studio or pop in and ask for help.

How do memberships work?

As mentioned above, the best way to reach your goals is to make a commitment to yourself — decide how many times a week you can come and buy a membership to match — three times a week, five times a week, or any time. The more you commit, the more you save.

Can I transfer or share my class package or membership?

Absolutely! Individual classes (or classes purchased as part of a class package) can be shared amongst clients… Memberships, however, are non-transferable.

Can I book online?

Yes. In fact, we encourage it! Just register for an account first online and then buy yourself some classes or a membership package. After that, you can go ahead and reserve your spot online. Make sure though that your city and studio is correct when buying your classes and reserving your spots. We want to make sure you don’t end up booking your class in the wrong location!

What is your cancellation policy?

We know how much you love to plan, which is why we open reservations 7 days prior to the class. So, scoop those spots up, and plan your week. All we ask is that if you are not going to be able to make the class, you cancel at least 6 hours! Anything cancelled less than 2 hours before class starts is a late cancel, and you do forfeit the class.

What if I miss a class?

If you book a class under your membership and don’t show up, we charge you a no-show fee. If you have a class package, unfortunately, you lose your class. We know you’d never miss class though.

What sort of amenities are in the gym?

Within our gyms you’ll find showers (except Port Melbourne) , toilets and lockers so you can train, shower and go straight to work or back to if needed!

Should I eat before class?

Most nutritionists recommend eating something 30-60 minutes before class to give you enough energy to make it through the workout and the protein to build and tone muscles. Just make sure you don’t get too full. Try something that’s in the 200-300 calorie range and includes some sugars, carbs, and protein. Bananas and almonds are two great examples of foods that work well before a class.

What should I eat after class?

Protein, protein, and more protein!

Why? When you work your muscles hard, you are breaking down muscle and you need amino acids to repair them. This is what tones your body. More muscle means a faster metabolism, which means more calorie burn throughout the day, even when you’re not moving.

Can I work out at KettleFit if I have an injury?

Ultimately that’s your choice. First, speak with your doctor about what you should and shouldn’t do. If the doctor clears you, mention your injury to the KettleFit instructor when you arrive and they can help you modify the workout.

Please be careful and listen to your body! Lots of people (yes, mainly you men) tend to ignore injuries. Don’t do that! You’re precious material.

What if I’m pregnant or just had a baby?

Well, first ask your doctor. But we can tell you that we’ve had new mums come in 3 weeks after giving birth, and mums-to-be working out until days before they gave birth. Make sure your doctor knows what a KettleFit’s workout entails (running and weight training) and find out what you’re cleared to do. New mums deserve extra love and attention, and we promise to give it to you.

Can I text or talk on the phone while in class?

No!  It’s dangerous and distracting to others. We know how vital it can be to keep that phone with you, but please, for that time your you’re with us in the red room, pop it in the locker or put it to one side.

How old do I have to be to come to KettleFit?

16 is the magic number to attend KettleFit, you do have to be accompanied by an adult until you are 18.

Is my data secure and private?

Yes, we don’t sell your info and all our systems are encrypted and secure.

Our payment systems are industry standard encryption and your account information is held in a secure environment which is as hacker proof as it can possibly be. Check our Privacy Policy for more information: https://www.kettlefit.com.au/privacy-policy/