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Do You Want To Get Functional Strength And Cardio In One Hit?

Everyone who goes to the gym would love to find a way to do their strength, core and cardio training at the same time. The average gym goer will spend about 45-60 mins in the weight room doing their strength program then they have to do their cardio which might be another 20-30 mins on a treadmill or bike. Now, I haven’t even mentioned the core strength program which might be another day or tapped onto the session above! This all goes together to create a really long session and I don’t know many people who have the time for all of this, do you?

I’ve spent 17 years working at the highest level of professional sport in Australia and Europe and at this level, training time is vital and coaches and athletes want to maximize the time they spend on the track doing their sport rather than in the gym. Therefore, I had to create methods to work around these issues but still deliver a program that produced outstanding results. I have studied and used all forms of traditional strength training, powerlifting, Olympic lifting, TRX, Pilates, advanced sprint and endurance running training, millions of core exercises using Swiss balls, Bosu balls, battle ropes, standing on 1 leg and using 1 arm, hopping, bounding, jumping. You name it and I have used it and know the effects of it inside out.

After using all of these methods and working on the best athletes Australia and Europe has to offer I concluded that the number 1 method for increasing strength and also building aerobic capacity was kettlebell trainingcombined with some Barbell and traditional strength training exercises. The higher loads gained from using traditional strength training exercises such as Barbell Squats, Deadlifts, Bench Press and Chin-ups compliment the high speed, functional core strength and aerobic benefits created using kettlebell exercises. Put these together into some seriously high intensity workout frameworks and you have the formula for improving functional strength and aerobic fitness simultaneously, and very quickly!

Many people, professional strength and conditioning coaches included will question this but without fail I continue to get better results, faster and with less injuries than I would not doing this. Its staggering to see how quickly people can learn how to use kettlebells and start to see results in their training and body shape.

Some of the key reasons for this are speed and rest time. A key limitation with most trainings programs is the amount of rest people have. Rest is not something that you get much of during Australian Rules Football or European Football so we needed to work out ways to train players so they don’t need it as much. We have dramatically reduced rest time and improved strength and power gains. Kettlebell exercises such as the Swing and Snatch move weights faster than any other free weighted gym equipment and recent studies have demonstrated that this translates to an increase in the rate of force development. Basically this means an increase in your ability to produce power in a short period of time. It also means that you get really strong, increase your aerobic endurance and burn hundreds of calories!

If you really want to get fit, fast and strong at the same time then you have to try KettleFit, because nobody else is training this way and we can get you results like that of a professional athlete!

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