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Do you want to spend less time for more results?

Are you looking to lose weight / build muscle / become extremely fit?

How about all 3 from every class?

If you are just starting your fitness journey or you are a seasoned athlete, Kettlefit’s
functional training will give you the results you want in the fastest time possible.


Another amazing result from another hard working KettleFitter! Brooke lost 6.9% body fat within 6 weeks.


Arjun lost over 6.1% body fat over 6 weeks and gained 3.1kg of muscle over 6 weeks.

kettle fit result

Bob and Veronica

Hubby and Wife team Bob and Veronica smashed their 6 week challenge late last year! Losing a combined weight of 18.5kg and 14.8% Body Fat.

Bob lost 13kgs and 8.1% body fat. Veronica lost 5.5kg and 6.7% body fat.


Raising your heart rate with High Intensity Interval Training and incorporating strength workouts is proven to increase the impact of the exercise and improve your fitness.

Kettle Bell training gives you the opportunity to work both your aerobic fitness and strength simultaneously. High energy kettlebell movements at a fast pace work your muscles harder improving fitness levels and achieving your workout goals.

Functional Fitness improves the way your body and brain communicate, making the High Intensity Interval Training more effective. Put simply, you can burn twice as much fat in half the time because your muscles are learning to work together!


KettleFit was expertly developed by combining workout programs and coaching skills gained from training elite athletes.

Fun, high energy and challenging, every group class is designed to improve your aerobic fitness, strength and help you achieve your weight loss goals while building lean muscle!


KettleFit’s gym membership prices include expert coaching during every workout, personalised to you and your fitness goals.

Although called KettleFit, out workouts aren’t all Kettle Bell Training. We use equipment such as medicine balls, ropes, ab rollers as well as functional fitness techniques to give you the ultimate workout.

Lisa training results at the KettleFit gym


Lisa dropped 6.8% body fat and gained 1.5kg in solid muscle. Not once did Lisa let her MS (Multiple Sclerosis) slow her down.


Brendon is a firefighter! He lost over 9kg of pure body fat AND gained muscle!
He also lost 6.7% Body fat!

Tim training results at the KettleFit gym


Tim wanted some extra motivation; we were glad to help! Tim lost over 7kgs, and 5% Body Fat.