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Crossfit Group Personal Training

CrossFit is essentially a group training method that focuses on mastering Olympic Lifting exercises using Barbells and combines a mixture of many other functional exercises ranging from Kettlebell exercises, Wall balls throwing, Ropes, Yoke carrying, Running and Chin ups. It will provide clients with pretty good balance of fitness training benefits however, the crucial element of cardiovascular fitness is never really pushed to the levels required to increase your V02 Max (Aerobic Capacity). The focus is primarily on lifting heavy olympic lifts such as Snatch, Power Cleans, Hang Cleans in various Workouts of the Day (WOD’s) with some supplementary exercises added to balance out the strength demands. Generally a session will consist of a WOD lasting approximately 15mins followed by strength exercises where particular Olympic Lifts are focused on. Hence, the heavy bios toward strength training and in particular Olympic Lifting. Olympic lifting is technically very difficult to master and can take several years to become very good at, even for elite athletes. It can therefore, have an increased risk of injury if not coached and progressed appropriately. CrossFit can be very beneficial if you are coached well but you may need to add some more cardio if you want to improve your aerobic ability and create an athletic looking physique that is not too bulky.

F45 Group Personal Training

F45 is a very well promoted indoor boot camp style training method. All classes are circuit based and last 45 minutes. Sessions vary all the time however, the weights lifted are generally not very heavy which makes it less effective for developing strength and power. The cardio element is high as work intervals are longer than rest in all sessions. Exercises are easy to learn as there are not many technically challenging exercises to learn. This style is training is great for general fitness and is fairly safe from an injury prevention stand-point. Don’t expect to break any records though when it comes to preparing for a sport if you are using it for your fitness training. You need to lift heavier loads to increase your strength, power and speed and work at higher intensity to improve your aerobic capacity.

The Kettlefit Difference

KettleFit’s unique programs provide a balanced strength and conditioning effect to the entire body. In every session clients can expect a focus on all major muscle groups and functional abilities. KettleFit’s creators have identified seven fundamental movement patterns that are used in every day life. These seven movements are push, pull, hinge, rotate, counter-rotate, squat and loaded carry, and are integrated into each and every session.

The important difference between KettleFit and a regular gym is that it is a cross between a strength and conditioning session and personal training session. There is an experienced instructor per every 10 clients, who is there to guide each client’s based on their fitness levels, muscle strength and mobility, whilst minimising the risk of injury. This personal coaching technique ensures that the safety and mobility of a client is monitored closely and that you can achieve your fitness goals in a shorter amount of time.

The high intensity and work rate in sessions has been designed to match popular team sports such as AFL, Soccer, Netball, Hockey and Basketball, therefore significantly improving your ability to play these sports. This unique benefit is why KettleFit is responsible for turning everyday people into high performance athletes.

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Unlike other group fitness methods KettleFit was created by elite coaches that have successfully worked and played professional sport at the highest level for many years, which is why the programs are best suited for maximising athletic preparation and outstanding overall fitness results.

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