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Kettlebell Snatches Build Aerobic Capacity

Kettlebells are nothing new, they have been used by the Russians since the 19th century and only recently has the western world realised their devastating ability to build lean, powerful, lightning-fast physiques! The Kettlebell Snatch is one of the fundamental exercises in kettlebell training and we use it at KettleFit in almost every program. It is based on the one arm kettlebell swing and looks simple, but requires coordinated, linked contractions of the lower body, back, shoulder and arm muscles to master. From personal experience using our Myzone live heart rate system, I can tell you that it increases your heart rate faster than any other kettlebell exercise!
A recent study from San Jose State University on seventeen female division 1 collegiate soccer players found that a high-intensity kettlebell snatch workout (15 seconds of snatches followed by 15 seconds of rest for 20 minutes) improved aerobic capacity by 6.4% in only a 4 week period.
For comparison, half the subjects completed a Circuit Weight Training (CWT) workout for the same amount of time and there was no significant change in their aerobic capacity after 4 weeks. The CWT group performed multiple free-weight and dynamic bodyweight exercises as part of a circuit (1 minute of work followed by 1 minute of rest for 20 minutes).

High-intensity kettlebell training was proven to improve aerobic fitness and strength and could potentially improve athletic performance in a very short time frame.
In my previous role as a Strength and Conditioning Coach in the AFL and European football, I was always on the lookout for alternative exercises to maintain and increase aerobic fitness with injured players. The results of this research suggest kettlebell training is an ideal alternative for this situation. It is also very low impact and has considerable carryover to activities such as running and jumping Now, you can come to KettleFit and get the same level of coaching that these athletes are getting and receive outstanding results from your training.
The attached video shows the raw power and explosiveness required for the kettlebell snatch.
Written By Jarrod Egan, KettleFit Director, BAppSci (Human Movement) Honours.
Reference: Falatic, JA, Plato, PA, Holder, C, Finch, D, Han, K and Cisar, CJ. Effects of kettlebell training on aerobic capacity. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 29: 2941-2947, 2015

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