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Whether you have noticed the belt getting a bit tighter or you don’t have the time to exercise as much as you used to, KettleFit Personal or Group Training in Ascot Vale is the high intensity functional strength training program that you need. KettleFit is not like weight training or body building.

Our KettleFit program uses kettlebells and specialised movements to help our clients tap into their muscles, engaging their entire body as they gain muscle, increase endurance, improve body posture, burn body fat, and tone up.

KettleFit Group Personal Training at our Ascot Vale Gym, will help anyone, no matter age, body shape or fitness level, to reach their fitness goals and live a happier and fitter life. Call our dedicated team of trainers at KettleFit on 0422 468 416, and get started today with our specially designed kettlebell program at our fully equipped Gym Facilities in Ascot Vale.

Based in Ascot Vale, Kettlefit is offering specialised GYM & Personal Training services in different suburbs as well such as – Flemington, Moone Ponds, Keilor & Travancore residents.

How kettlebells can help you to get fit

Unlike repetitively lifting dumbbells or using different pieces of exercise equipment, kettlebell training uses a range of weighted kettlebells and movements to fire up every muscle, and give you a whole body workout in a shorter period of time. KettleFit is an accessible and practical workout for all levels, whether you are someone trying to get fit and lose weight for the first time, or you are an athlete wanting to build up the muscles in your legs, back, shoulders, arms, and midsection.

KettleFit Group Personal Training in Ascot Vale caters for everyone with a total-body resistance and cardio workout that can burn up to 1000 calories during an hour long session. While it may sound difficult, KettleFit actually combines cardio, strength, and flexibility training by focusing on functional movements.

KettleFit will also work towards strengthening the tendons and ligaments in your body, making it stronger and less susceptible to injury. With KettleFit Personal or Group Training options in Ascot Vale, you get a much better workout for your time and money.

Let KettleFit Take Charge Or Your Personal Training Goals

The countless benefits of kettlebell training became the inspiration for cousins Scott Taylor and Jarrod Egan, to start KettleFit gym facilities in Ascot Vale. With both men coming from careers involving elite sports, they experienced first hand the advantages kettlebell training had on a person’s fitness.

Putting their knowledge and years of experience into one simple program, Scott and Jarrod developed KettleFit. KettleFit combines targeted kettlebell exercises for intense and varied workouts, delivered by highly experienced trainers with high performance training equipment and modern

Gym Facilities in Ascot Vale. Whatever your training goals, Scott, Jarrod, and our certified trainers at KettleFit, will guide you through each session as they help you to obtain the fitness results you want.

Workout When You Want In Ascot Vale With KettleFit

With KettleFit you don’t have to spend hours sweating it out in the gym on various pieces of equipment. KettleFit Group Personal Training in Ascot Vale delivers you a similar intense full body workout by incorporating high intensity interval training. If you are woman worried about bulking up, don’t be.

KettleFit is ideal for those that want a workout that engage their whole body while making them strong, firm, and lean, while building strength, stamina, and endurance. For men, KettleFit is the perfect option for weight loss, or building larger muscles across their entire body. KettleFit Personal or Group Training at our studios in Ascot Vale, has everything you need in order to exercise and improve your fitness.

Whether you want to exercise around your family and commitments, or just want an intense workout that takes a fraction of the time you would ordinarily spend in the gym, KettleFit Group Personal Training in Ascot Vale is the best solution. Call our personal trainers at KettleFit today on 0422 468 416, and experience the difference our workouts and Gym Facilities in Ascot Vale will have on your fitness.

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