Our gym in Moonee Ponds is highly sought after for specialised kettlebell training. With us you’ll benefit from fast and effective workouts that will boost your cardiovascular endurance, improve stamina, and burn upwards of 800 calories in less than an hour. At KettleFit Moonee Ponds, we harness the power of targeted kettlebell exercises and build custom personal training programs that cater to people of all fitness levels.

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KettleFit is not an elite fitness group—we are a community of people from all walks of life, each committed to leading a healthier, happier life. Our high intensity functional strength training can be scaled to suit your fitness goals, and our Moonee Ponds gym membership packages are easy on your pocketbook. What’s more, no two KettleFit strength sessions are the same: we infuse each session with variety—from barbell squats to bench press, deadlifts, and more—to challenge you, physically and mentally.

Quality personal training in Moonee Ponds

An investment in personal training is an investment in your personal health and well-being. At KettleFit Moonee Ponds, we know that one size does not fit all when it comes to personal training. You can trust that your personal training experience will be customised specifically to your fitness goals and will motivate you to stay the course.

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It is never the same, which is great and ensures that it is always enjoyable, I have actually changed my life by incorporating a daily morning Kettle Fit training session.

Mike P

I find it easy to get out of bed early each morning because I know that what I am doing works, and that the people I am working out with are great and the trainers are genuinely interested in helping me achieve results.

Greatest Results - Increased energy – I not only jump out of bed before my alarm, I am more alert and productive during the day.

Janette P

I really feel and I notice a real difference in my body shape, and I really enjoy the team both clients and staff at KF. This is why I keep coming back.

Rachael O

The day before I started training with Kettle Fit, I had a Dexa test which gave me a result of 24% body fat. In little over 6 months I have now reduced my body fat percentage to 12% and the percentage is still dropping.

Mike P

The strength in my legs has helped my running and cycling so much so I learnt to swim in the summer and have started to do triathlon. I recommend Kettlefit to anyone of any age or physical ability as the team are really supportive tailor the weights to suit the individual.

Helen F

Every aspect of my physical health has increased. Coming into my mid-30s, I can confidently say that my body is in the best condition it has ever been. I've seen the biggest progress in my deadlift, going from 120Kg to 175Kg in five months!

Chris B

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