Up for the challenge?  Starts May 5th.

Get in the best shape of your life with KettleFit’s 8-week challenge.  Get expert guidance, track your progress with our points system, plus an easy to follow meal plan.  Sign up to receive:

✔ Unlimited KettleFit classes

✔ 3x Body Scans (at start, mid & end)

✔ Weekly check-ins

✔ Easy to follow meal plans & shopping lists

✔ Accountability with our points system

✔ Gladiator fitness testing


Members – $129

Non-Members – $499 (or pay $69 / week)


Sarah L – Lost 6% Bodyfat

Tim Miller 1:00

Demonstrated Proven Results

The KettleFit 8 Week Challenge has demonstrated proven results. It is extremely effective for stripping body fat, gaining lean muscle mass and being fun and motivating all the way through. The Meal Plans are very easy to follow because they are based on following some simple rules. This means you don’t always have to cook the exact recipes we give you but you can go out for dinner and easily choose a meal that fits within the rules!

We have a points system to help you stay focused, motivated and training regularly. We send out weekly updates and require weekly checkins from you. We physically test you at the start and finish to measure your fitness improvements We use the gold standard in body composition testing machines – DEXA Scans.

Arbonne Nutrition Pack (Optional)

KettleFit believes in using high quality nutritional supplements to help you reach your challenge goals. Arbonne provide a a range of nutrition products that fit perfectly into the rules we apply to our meal plans.

The Arbonne Meal Replacement Shake is highly recommended to use as your daily breakfast throughout the challenge. It has the perfect balance of carbohydrates and protein to ensure you get the exact dietary requirements for your breakfast to promote fat loss. Combined with the Fibre, Greens, Fizz sticks and Evolution they can really supercharge your diet, save you hours of preparation and make it all a lot simpler.
A number or previous winners and place-getters have used the Arbonne Nutrition pack challenge and it helped them get amazing results!

It is an extra cost of approx. $350 and must be purchased a week prior to the challenge commencement. You wont have to spend any money on breakfast, coffee, tea and even lunches as you can use the shakes for lunch also for 8 weeks. Well worth the cost. Get this when you sign up and you will greatly improve your health during the 8 week challenge.

Click this link to find out exactly how much value is in it: https://bit.ly/2hp9sdL

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