KettleFit Memberships

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A KettleFit Membership makes quality Personal Training affordable for everyone.

We pride ourselves on delivering a complete fitness fix in 45 minutes in every session. That means you get your cardio, strength, core and mobility needs met within the same session.

Kettlebells are uniquely suited to providing a highly aerobic training session with total body functional strength simultaneously! We have created hundreds of different workouts and exercises using kettlebells complimented with conventional gym equipment.

Using our experience and knowledge of training athletes at the highest level of professional sport we have designed a training system for the everyday person to get athlete like results. You get personal training within all group sessions and we will ensure you are constantly improving and hitting your goals!

Unlimited Class Membership

$ 55

Per Week
  • 6 Month Minimum Term Contract
  • Suspend anytime with 2 weeks notice
  • Full access to all classes and services

No-Contract Unlimited Membership

$ 65

Per Week
  •  No Contract minimum term
  • Cancel with 28 Days notice
  • Full access to all classes and services


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Get Results

Mike P

“It is never the same, which is great and ensures that it is always enjoyable, I have actually changed my life by incorporating a daily morning Kettle Fit training session.”

Janette P

“I find it easy to get out of bed early each morning because I know that what I am doing works, and that the people I am working out with are great and the trainers are genuinely interested in helping me achieve results.

Greatest Results - Increased energy – I not only jump out of bed before my alarm, I am more alert and productive during the day.”

Rachael O

“I really feel and I notice a real difference in my body shape, and I really enjoy the team both clients and staff at KF. This is why I keep coming back.”

Mike P

“The day before I started training with Kettle Fit, I had a Dexa test which gave me a result of 24% body fat. In little over 6 months I have now reduced my body fat percentage to 12% and the percentage is still dropping.”

Helen F

“The strength in my legs has helped my running and cycling so much so I learnt to swim in the summer and have started to do triathlon. I recommend Kettlefit to anyone of any age or physical ability as the team are really supportive tailor the weights to suit the individual.”

Chris B

“Every aspect of my physical health has increased. Coming into my mid-30s, I can confidently say that my body is in the best condition it has ever been. I've seen the biggest progress in my deadlift, going from 120Kg to 175Kg in five months!”

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