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We will show you how to apply your skills into workouts that get results, every time. ­People don’t just want exercises they want workouts, workouts that work and work fast!! Remember you have only one session to make an impact on new clients.


We give you direction by showing you a training system that really works. Follow the system and success is yours. We will provide clarity, purpose and direction that ultimately leads to your success.


We will show you how to keep your clients: Satisfied in every session, motivated to bring out their best, looking forward to every single session, and filling you with new levels of motivation, passion and excitement.

We will teach you to become a kettlebell expert and that means lasting success

We believe getting the certification is just the first step in making a difference. The game starts when you return to real world and the pressure is on to make a living from your knowledge.

“If you aren’t making a difference in other people’s lives, you shouldn’t be in business - it’s that simple.” Richard Branson

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If this describes you then you must apply NOW! Do you want to become a kettlebell expert, stand out from the crowd & make a real difference in the industry?
Are you serious about taking what we teach and applying it in a successful business model? Are you passionate about getting the best out of your clients?

We don’t want:
People just looking for CEC points to tick a box and then never use what we teach. At KettleFit, we believe that to be successful, all you need is to be an expert, the best at one thing! If this is you, Book NOW as there are limited spots! Take advantage of the special offers below and join KettleFit’s elite inner circle and begin your path to becoming an expert!!!

Course Contents

Fundamentals of Kettlebell Training

  1. 30 kettlebell exercises
  2. Movement screening
  3. Partner Coaching
  4. Kettlebell safety principles
  5. Kettlebell history and biomechanics principles
  6. Safe weight choices
  7. 70 mins of practical testing
  8. Level 1 KettleFit programming principles
  9. Group class set-up and management
  10. Exercise progressions
  11. Weight progressions
  12. Exercise selection
  13. Group kettlebell class management
  14. 8 hours total teaching time

Our courses are certified by Fitness Australia, The Health & Fitness Industry Association. Receive 8 Fitness Australia CECs when you successfully complete this Course.

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Kettlebell Strength & Conditioning

  1. Advanced kettlebell safety principles
  2. 28 exercises (including 10 unique KettleFit complexes)
  3. Kettlebell core component
  4. Double kettlebell exercises
  5. 70mins of practical testing
  6. Advanced KettleFit programming principles
  7. Starting weight choices
  8. Weight progressions
  9. Exercise progressions
  10. Advanced KettleFit class management
  11. 9 hours total teaching and testing time

Our courses are certified by Fitness Australia, The Health & Fitness Industry Association. Receive 6 Fitness Australia CECs when you successfully complete this course.



$ 599

Per Month
  • Includes Level 1 and Level 2 Courses
  • Special Offer $599. Normally $699
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Level 1

$ 299

Per Month
  • Fundamentals of Kettlebell Training
  • Special Offer. Normally valued at $399
  • Melbourne Course dates: Sep 2nd, 2017
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Level 2

$ 299

Per Month
  • Kettlebell Strength and Conditioning
  • Special Offer. Normally valued at $349
  • Melbourne Course dates: TBA
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Moyan 1:05

Even after a year training at Kettlefit, I learnt so much during the workshop about the correct technique when it comes to working with kettlebells. The workshop taught me to slow down and get the foundations right. I feel even more confident in my ability and know that I am only going to build more strength and competence as I continue training.

Sophie V

I learnt various ways to improve technique and have noticed the difference it has made to my KettleFit workouts since. I appreciated the generous amount of time we were given to practice every exercise until we were comfortable we had it correct. Scott and Jarrod were very attentive to each person individually which was very important as the attendees had various levels of expertise.

Tracey P

One of the best reasons I like the KettleFit workshops is the way it is written & structured. It is simple to understand, exciting and physically demanding (which I love). We had fun & great support from our Coaches Jarrod & Scott all throughout the workshops. They are trainers and athletes that are extremely knowledgeable in what they are teaching/coaching. These workshops have taught me correct technique, (which is paramount) and programming for clients, no matter their fitness level.

Wayne G