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Kettlebell benefits of exercise during pregnancy
May 24, 2015

Pregnancy the Kettlefit Way

Article written by Kendall Richmond, A KettleFit member since November 2014. As a first time mum-to-be, there’s a pretty long list of questions constantly buzzing through my brain. But whether or not to continue exercising certainly hasn’t been one of them. Maintaining my twice-weekly sessions with Kettlefit throughout my pregnancy has not only benefitted my growing bubs — it’s kept me fit, balanced and ready to tackle the unknown territory ahead. The benefits of exercise during pregnancy Compared to the eat-for-two and stay-off-your-feet mentality that prevailed during my mother’s generation, women today are encouraged to stay active and physically fit throughout pregnancy. The advantages? Here are just a handful of the benefits that babycenter.com.au notes: Sleeping better at night Minimising pregnancy niggles, including backache Maintaining a healthy weight Managing your blood sugar levels if you develop gestational diabetes. While the list goes on, I’d say confidence is the biggest benefit…
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