Grievance Policy

Scope: This policy applies to all paying participants undertaking the Level 1 and 2 KettleFit Training Workshops.

Purpose: The purpose of this policy is to ensure all participants are aware of the process to follow to effectively manage any conflict or concerns relating to the KettleFit Training Workshops. The process should be positive and productive, with the aim of improving the service provided to trainees at KettleFit.

Policy: If trainees have a grievance relating to their experience while undertaking the KettleFit Training Workshops, the following steps should be followed:

1. Raise the issue directly If a trainee feels that KettleFit failed to meet the aims and objectives outlined in the KettleFit Workshop overview, he or she is encouraged to deal with the grievance informally and directly by discussing the issue with the instructor on the day. Confidentiality is assured.

2. Put concerns in writing In the unlikely event that the matter cannot be dealt with informally or directly with the instructor on the day, trainees should detail their concerns in writing and submit them to KettleFit within 5 days of course completion. They should include evidence of failure to meet the stated workshop objectives.

3. Resolution If the trainee can sufficiently demonstrate that the stated objectives have not been met, KettleFit will aim to resolve the matter with partial or full refund of course fees.

4. General concerns General issues, such as security, health and safety, and staffing, unless urgent, should be outlined in the feedback sheet provided at the end of each course.