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Tired Of Feeling Bloated And Uncomfortable?

Digestive issues have become more and more prevalent in the current modern society. A properly functioning digestive system is the absolute cornerstone to good health.

Trust us, you are not alone.

Digestive issues have become more and more prevalent in the current modern society.

The problem is that people learn to live with these problems and start to believe that this is just how we are supposed to feel.

A properly functioning digestive system is the absolute cornerstone to good health.
It plays a critical role in your body’s everyday function by providing the nutrients and energy necessary for every other organ system to function properly.

The digestive system is like the roots of a tree. In order to kill a tree, you need to poison the roots right? Well, this is exactly what we doing to our bodies through our digestive system. We are slowly but surely poisoning our bodies.

Did you know that the average person holds approx 3-6kg of toxic waste in their intestines?

Scary thought isn’t it..?????

You are not just what you eat but you are what you digest and absorb. Going through life with clogged up digestive tracts is a very common problem in the modern western world. The problem is that the undigested food in the colon feeds the intestinal bacteria and leads to toxemia which floods the liver and lymphatic system resulting in health problems throughout the whole body such as abdominal pain, headaches, skin problems, weakened immune system, lethargy…the list goes on and on…

So what can you do about it?

There are a number of ways that you can improve your digestive health

  1. Limit processed foods, red meat, starchy, high sugar foods. These foods are all very difficult to digest and cause clogging in the intestinal walls which accumulates and causes gas, constipation and that horrible bloated feeling we long to get rid of.
  2. Flood your body with fiber-rich fresh fruits such as apples, berries, figs, prunes, dates. Pineapple and papaya are full of digestive enzymes which help break down the food you consume and allow it to either enter the bloodstream to be carried throughout the rest of the body or exit the body as waste rather than sitting and fermenting inside the colon.
  3. Drink plenty of fresh water and herbal teas- Try to avoid drinking whilst eating as this can disrupt the digestive process. Herbal teas containing fennel, liquorice root, peppermint are particularly good after meals to help aid digestion.
  4. Flood the body with a good probiotic. Probiotics are friendly, beneficial, or good bacteria which are crucial to maintaining good health. Probiotics are especially vital after a dose of antibiotics.
  5. Take the time to consume your food properly- So often in the busy hectic lifestyle of the modern society, we are eating on the run and not taking the time to chew and consume our food properly. By being mindful of every mouthful of food and chewing properly before swallowing we are releasing digestive enzymes which also help with the break down of the food.

We understand that all of this information can be a little overwhelming and of course we want to make things as simple as possible for you. We have some amazing supplements available to help you achieve optimal digestive health and ban that bloating for good.

We are experts at assisting with nutrition and fitness and recommending supplements to complement your activities.

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