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Strength Series Workouts

Kettlebells, Powerlifting and strength-focused exercises with extreme KettleFit intensity. These workouts will build strength and tone muscles while helping you lose body fat. Coach's use supersets, wave loading and periodisation to keep the workouts interesting. The classes are fast-paced and varied to ensure they are always challenging and not just any day at the gym. KettleFit's strength series will test your fitness and push you to new limits.


Athletic Circuit Series Workouts

Athletic series workouts are perfect if you want to team up with a partner for a joint workout. Using different equipment as well as functional fitness techniques these workouts will test your strength, endurance and aerobic fitness. The circuit based high-intensity interval training class will stimulate different energy systems. Each class will help you meet a different target or goal.


Performance Series Workouts

Performance series workouts are the bread and butter of KettleFit. Choose your weights and your workout zone. Then we'll work through a series of high-intensity challenges. Every day is different, the exercises will challenge your mind and fitness. But this is what KettleFit is all about. These workouts stimulate your aerobic fitness as they build in intensity. Pushing you to new levels. You can compete against yourself, or against other clients. Leave with a rush of endorphins like you've played AFL game, but without the broken bones.