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KettleFit is an innovative group functional training system with kettlebell use at its core.  Studios run 6-8 classes per day, with members paying the approximate cost of one personal training session per week for unlimited class access.  Members receive expert coaching throughout their sessions, and a high level of personalised care and service.

Ready to take on the ‘pendulum’?  Survive the ‘matrix’?  Or climb the alps in the ‘tour de KettleFit’?  KettleFit gives you an endless array of workouts to keep members on their toes.  Each 45-48 minute workout is expertly crafted by some of Australia’s leading conditioning coaches to give you well balanced, and incredibly effective workouts – every day, every class!

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Mary Klesic – LOST 20 KG

Mike P – LOST 52KG

Sarah L – LOST  6% Bodyfat

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